2024 Interfaith Week @ PTC

Plans are underway for a Philmont Training Center Takeover…yep, point your wagon towards New Mexico as faith groups from across the BSA all join together for a week of fellowship, training, discussions, and service. We are taking over the entire PTC Complex, July 7th-13th, 2024.

We expect registration to open around October 1st. Once the link is finalized, you will find it posted here.

This invitation extends to BSA Professionals, Volunteers (BSA, faith organization, etc.), Clergy & Faith Leaders, and of course Family Members. Philmont Training Center makes for a great family vacation with activities for the kids and spouses, and in the case of our week…even classes for the family members. The only thing we ask is that all participants (adults 18+) are registered as members of the BSA before coming.

Class Styles:

  • Pre-Breakfast Sessions: patch classes, acappella choir, yoga, etc.
  • Position Specific Breakouts: On Monday, you will choose two positions you want to learn more about. They could be positions you already serve in, or positions you want to learn about. Things like Clergy/Faith Leaders, Professionals, Commissioners, Scout Leaders, Beyond Council Volunteers, etc.
  • Faith Specific: On Tuesday, you will choose a faith group to attend all day. It can be your faith group, or one you want to learn more about. They will be focusing on topics specific to their faith group (awards, committees, service opportunities, acronyms, etc.)
  • Free Choice Classes: Wed Morning, Thurs Afternoon, Fri Morning. 80 minute sessions. University of Scouting style rotate through classrooms for sessions participants choose ahead of time. Two classes per half day OR go on a field trip for the half day.
  • Field Trips & Service Projects: This part is still being developed but we hope to include things like visiting Chase Ranch, Building Backcountry Chapels, etc.
  • Family Time: Each evening the PTC Staff and our team will put on family activities such as Western Night, Ice Cream Socials, the Wanna Be Band, and more. Meals are all served in the cafeteria allowing you to eat with your family, with staff members, and meet new friends. You also get Wednesday afternoon off to explore New Mexico with your family. Dinner is still served on PTC, but this is also a great opportunity to explore the nearby towns (as in four miles or 45 minutes away).
  • Lunch Programs: During the second half of lunch we will have different programs happening each day.
  • Intro into Faith Groups: Thursday Morning- All Participants Session. Join us as we learn about different faith groups and how to assist Scouts of each faith in their “Duty to God”. We will also have songs, activities, and other items going during this morning session.
  • Kids & Spouse Programs are offered each day by the PTC Staff.