2020 Virtual Interfaith Week

With COVID-19 cancelling many summer programs, the National Religious Relationships Committee has decided to take our summer Philmont Training Center Conferences online. During the week of June 29th-July 5th, we are offering over 60 classes, crafts, games, discussions, and more through Zoom and Social Media.

To download the Information Packet with all the class sessions and times, click here.

Registration is required to attend any of the Zoom events during this free event. We ask that you go to this site, and register for any classes you plan on attending. We will need one registration for each device you will have in that class. Example: If Johnny and Julie are sharing the same device for Tiger Circles, they only need one registration. If they are both taking the class, but will be on separate devices, they need two registrations.

We will be recording as many of these sessions as possible and posting the videos to articles on this site, as well as to YouTube, and Facebook.

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