2023 Religious Emblems @ NAM

During the 2023 National Duty to God Breakfast we were able to recognize seven outstanding Scouts and adults from the local area that had recently earned their religious emblem. How does your council recognize emblem recipients?

Jesse Barnett: North East Georgia Council, Assembly of God, Jesus & Me Emblem

Jesse Barnett’s Scouting journey started with his Tiger year in Pack 231. He earned every belt loop that year and went on to complete all of the available Wolf loops as well. He recently crossed over to the Bear Den and is looking forward to earning his Whittling Chip.  

Amalia Ackerman: Atlanta Area Council, Judaism, Ner Tamid Emblem

Amalia Ackerman is a Life Scout in Troop 29 at Morningside Presbyterian Church, Atlanta, and a member of Venturing Crew 11 at St. Benedict’s Episcopal School in Smyrna, GA. They are a Brotherhood member of the Egwa Tawa Dee Lodge of the OA. Amalia earned the Ner Tamid Award for Jewish Scouting in 8th grade, and they just completed Confirmation with the Hebrew Benevolent Congregation at the Temple in Atlanta. They are an Honor Roll student in 10th grade at Midtown High School in Atlanta. They are starting to develop projects to earn Eagle Scout Rank and the Girl Scout Gold Award, and hope to accomplish both in the next year. 

Jack Dierks: Atlanta Area Council, United Methodist Church, God & Life Emblem

Jack is about to complete his Junior year of High School at Allatoona High School with a 4.4 GPA.  Jack is an active member of National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Beta Club, Math Team and Spanish Club.  Jack earned his Eagle Scout Rank in 2021 and has completed 4 Eagle Palms.  He has earned the religious emblem in both Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA. Jack’s Scouting adventures have taken him to London England, Yellowstone National Park, Alaska and Canada.  Jack is planning on attending college with a goal of career in medicine.  

Marko (Chi Rho Emblem) & Roman (Saint George Emblem) Khomenko: Atlanta Area Council, Ukrainian Eastern Orthodox Church

Marko Khomenko is an Atlanta native, growing up in Roswell, Georgia.  He is about to join Crabapple Middle to focus on math, sciences, literature, and the German language.  His interests include super-car design and engineering, basketball, and water sports such as paddle boarding and kayaking.  

Having earned his way from Tiger to AOL, Marko has recently crossed over from Cub Scout Pack 135 to Scouts BSA Troop 356 and stepped up to be the assistant grub master on his first campout with the Troop and a scribe for his patrol.  His most favorite adventures in scouting include a Big Outing with his scouting pals to the Okefenokee Swamp in the company of alligators of hitherto unseen proportions as well as staining a Vietnam War vet’s porch together with his den as a service to those to whom we owe so much. As a child of immigrants from the former USSR, Marko is growing up with a strong sense of appreciation for the values of the Free World, the values of Scouting.

Roman Khomenko is going through Mountain Park Elementary aiming high academically and also working extra hard to be at the top of his game in soccer.   Roman is a serious fan of big adventures, and Scouting helps a good bit.  Whether it’s caving in Cumberland Caverns or playing a fighter pilot on USS Yorktown Flight Deck – Roman knows how to make Scouting rock.  It’s not all bravado and fireworks though; his most anticipated annual Scout duties is a solemn flag retirement ceremony at Veteran’s Day that he makes a point to help Troop 51 with at the American Legion Post 201.

Roman is growing up with a strong conviction in Duty to God and Duty to his Nation (to a large part witnessed by how many times he has watched all episodes of the Band of Brothers).

Marko & Roman were baptized according to Eastern Orthodox Christian tradition in a centuries-old temple in Kyiv, Ukraine.  They have worked faithfully on their Duty to God emblem requirements of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the United States of America for a long time, and are grateful to their parents, especially mom, for helping them complete it. 

P.S.: Through the ordeal, Marko & Roman have learned to not only forgive but also appreciate each other for all the banter and nuisance distractions at Sunday school and are honored to be invited here together.

The Colloton Family- Linda, Shaun, Kelsey, Jason: The Church of Jesus Christ for Latter-day Saints

Linda Colloton

Linda is the Committee Chair for Pack 353 in Powder Springs, Georgia.  She has enjoyed various roles in the Scouting organization that included Assistant Cubmaster, Cubmaster, Pack Trainer, Committee Chair for Troop, and shares time with troops as a merit badge counselor.  A highlight of her Scouting life was being a part of Wood Badge while her husband was a Troop Guide.  She is an active member of the Pickett’s Mill Ward (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) where she and her husband, Shawn, chair the congregation’s activities committee.

Shawn M. Colloton

Shawn is the Silver Comet District Advancement Chair and loves serving the youth as they complete their Eagle Rank.  He enjoys helping leaders and youth through the process to enable Scouts to reach the highest rank of Scouting.  He also works with Troop 353, Troop 7020, and Troop 5400G to give Scouts and their leaders the support they need.  Shawn is especially fond of the NYLT program and loves to see youth advance in their leadership skills.  He attends the Pickett’s Mill Ward.

Jason A. Colloton

Jason is a part of Pack 353 in Powder Springs, Georgia.  He just finished his time with his Webelos den and will be enjoying his final year in Cub Scouts as an Arrow of Light.  He attends the Pickett’s Mill Ward.  Jason is a Pickett’s Mill pirate and looks forward to entering 5th grade in the Fall.

Kelsey A. Colloton

Kelsey is a part of Troop 5400G in Marietta, Georgia.  She is currently a Life Scout and has served in troop positions as ASPL, SPL, and now serves as Jr. Asst. Scoutmaster.  She is a pro with a Dutch oven and loves creating delicious recipes.  As a soon-to-be senior at Allatoona High School, she knows what it means to be a leader and have others look up to you.  She has served in the Young Women’s organization of the Pickett’s Mill Ward by cultivating youth-adult relationships and leading activities that youth aged 11-18 attend weekly.

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