Duty to God in the Scouting Programs (Rank Advancement)

Lead by the National Lutheran Association on Scouting, this Zoom class was taught during the 2020 Virtual Interfaith Week hosted by the National Religious Relationships Committee in 2021.

Description: This presentation provides an overview of incorporation of the value of Duty
to God in the Scouting Programs. Updates to the Scouting Programs (Cub Scouts, Scouts
BSA, Venturing) during the 2014-2016 program revisions placed increased emphasis on
Duty to God. These changes provided greater assistance to leaders in affirming the Value
of “Duty to God” and in teaching respect for the faiths of others, thus emphasizing the
number one reason parents involve their children in Scouting, the teaching of values. This
presentation reviews those “built-in” Duty to God elements.

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