NEW Religious Emblems Brochure

Did you know that the B.S.A. recognizes 42 different religious organizations that have developed Religious Emblems programs? These are programs owned by the faith organizations that are eligible to be worn on B.S.A. Uniforms.

The last update to the promotional flyer for all of these emblems was done by the B.S.A. around 2016. The National Religious Relationships Committee has spent the last several months gathering updated images, contact information, website links, and new emblems to create this new version of the flyer.

Changes Include:

  • A better four page format (8.5″ x 11″) that can be printed from home printers AND a two-sided (11″x17″) format for larger printers.
  • Hyperlinks throughout the document to websites for each faith group that take you directly to the Religious Emblems information. (Some links even directly download the PDF Nomination Forms.)
  • More specific age group explanations for each emblem. They now list either B.S.A. program levels, age levels, or grade levels, specific for each emblem. “Senior Scouts” means Venturers, Sea Scouts, and Explorers between 14-20.
  • All of the Protestant Faiths that utilize P.R.A.Y. Emblems are grouped together for their common emblem information. If the specific faith has an extra emblem for unit level youth or adults, those are listed in the Alphabetical Section.
  • The Venturing TRUST Award is included.

How Can You Help?

  • Share this blog article with all of your Scouting contacts, and contacts within your faith group. Most of these emblems can be earned by non-Scouts (verify for each emblem). Any time we update the PDF as changes happen, we’ll attach the new version to this blog article. If you think your edition of the PDF is out of date, check back here for the newest version.
  • Develop a class in your local area. We need more of these programs running for local units to send individuals to the classes.