Subcommittee Overviews

The National Religious Relationships Committee is formed of 8 Subcommittees that meet in person three times a year, and virtually each month. If you have an idea of question for any of the Subcommittees, send them to our National Staff Advisor at

Awards, Emblems, & Literature


  • Maintain updated information on faith-based topics on BSA Websites
  • Review & Approve New and Revised Religious Emblems Programs for BSA Standards
  • Promote Additional Duty to God or Faith Based Programs



  • Oversee Chaplains at National High Adventure Bases and National Jamborees
  • Help train Camp Chaplains for local councils through faith groups and religious relationships committees

2020 Goals:

  • 2020 will see Chaplains in place at both Philmont Scout Ranch and the Summit Bechtel Reserve
  • Working to develop Chaplaincy Training at Regional Camp Schools
  • We are currently looking for Chaplains for the 2021 National Jamboree. If you are interested, apply through the National Jamboree Website for approval by first your faith group, and then the national committee.

Duty to God


  • National Duty to God Award
  • Promoting Duty to God Awareness in Scouting
  • High Adventure Bases New Testaments and Other Religious Books

Membership Growth


  • Work to develop resources for local councils to grow partnerships with faith groups in their areas
  • Work with national faith groups to develop training materials for faith leaders on the importance of Scouting

Religious Relations


  • Strengthen relationships between Faith Charter Partners and the Boy Scouts of America
  • Develop tools to allow faith groups easier access to training and resources for their faith
  • Provide resources for establishing Council Religious Relationships Committees

Religious Rights & Liberties


  • One of the main focuses of the new CEO of the Boy Scouts of America, this subcommittee is responsible for keeping up with current social trends, legal cases, and more to ensure that “Duty to God” cannot be taken away as a core value of the Boy Scouts of America.

Training & Meetings


  • Oversee any new Duty to God training courses, and promote training courses from individual faiths
  • Review any existing training items from other subcommittees
  • Oversee all Duty to God elements of the National BSA Annual Meetings
    • National Duty to God Breakfast
    • Day of Service
    • Religious Spark Sessions
    • Exhibit Hall Events

Media & Newsletters


  • Maintain Social Media Channels (Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Website/Blog)
  • Support Media Items at Training & Meetings
  • Highlight & Support Other Subcommittees’ Work
  • Coordinate Newsletters