Supporting Duty to God at a National Level

Lead by the National Lutheran Association on Scouting, this Zoom class was taught during the 2020 Virtual Interfaith Week hosted by the National Religious Relationships Committee.

Description: #2 of three presentations providing an overview of incorporation of the value of Duty to God in the Scouting Programs. In addition to the core values of faith in God and respect for others taught within the context of the Scouting programs, BSA engages in many activities to support Duty to God from the top down. These include the BSA Declaration of Religious Principle and national reaffirmation of Duty to God as a fundamental component of the Scouting programs to encouraging observance of Scout Sunday and Scout Sabbath at charter religious organizations and encouragement of the use of the Religious Emblems program. It introduces activities of the National Religious Relationships Support Committee of the BSA National Committee, such as literature and training development, providing Chaplains for national Scouting activities such as Jamborees, National OA Conferences, and High Adventure Bases, development of Duty to God recognitions, and maintaining a visible social medial presence promoting Duty to God awareness and activities.

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